Calico Critter Sale on Calico Critter Gift Set

Here is one of the newest products from Calico critters and it's on sale.  This is a Calico Critter Gift Set.
calico critter house salecalico critter house

  • Includes 2 adorable Calico Critters Rabbits plus features four large rooms with a divider, allowing you to create a fifth room, if needed
  • It also comes with over 50 pieces of furniture, including a kitchen cart, hutch desk, grand piano with bench and more.
  • The movable staircase attaches easily to the second story or the balcony, and an expandable floor offers extra room.
  • When nighttime falls, simply flip on the two light fixtures for tons of after-dark fun!
  • No matter what time of day, you're sure to have a ball playing house with the Calico Critters Gift Set.
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Critter Cottage-Calico Critters Country Tree House

Calico Critters Country Tree House

This is the top of the line home in the Calico Critter Neighborhood.  Your kids will love this new critter cottage.  This set comes with some many features that I have to list them all so you can see.  

  • 4 Large Rooms
  • Includes hot tub, pagoda, patio, water slide and lake
  • Includes 2 Mango Monkeys
  • Tree House comes with 28 different accessories. 
  • Included are railings, bridges and their supports, ladders, and steps

Measures 18 x 16 x 24 inches

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Save on Critter Cottage-Oakwood Home

Calico Critters Oakwood Home

This calico critter house is the perfect doll house.  The Calico Critters Oak wood Home is great for anyone who loves calico critters because of the size and price.  

Oakwood Home features 3 spacious floors. Removable 3rd floor can be used to expand the first floor or the 3rd floor can be flipped over to the green grass side and be used as a yard!

Complete with a wonderful balcony and 2 moveable ladders for easy access to each floor.

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Calico Critter Clearance- Calico Critters Caravan Family Camper

Calico Critter Camping at it's Best

Time to go Camping in a Caravan Calico Critter Family Style.  This awesome set has everything that you would need to take the critters camping.  This set includes:

  • The Caravan measures: 17" x 9 1/2" x 13 1/2" opened and 7 1/4" x 11 1/2" x 7 1/4" when closed
  • Over 35 accessories including round table, plates, cups, utensils, pots, pan, sleeping bags, maps, "board games", iron, soap, towel & much more!
This is perfect for anyone who collects calico critter toys or is looking to start to.  Get your own kids excited about camping with this cool set of camping critters.  

Calico Critters Convertible Coupe-Calico Critters Clearance

Calico Critters Family Coupe On Sale !!

This is one of the best sellers on this site, because of the adorable look that it has.  This is perfect for any collection of calico critters houses.  This is the perfect vehicle to park in the driveway.  Some really cool features that are included in this set are:

  • Neat looking Classic Coupe
  • Fits a Family of 6 calico critters
  • Babies are safe and sound in the removable booster seats, for seat belts keep them strapped in
  • Detachable luggage is perfect for packing overnight essentials or picnic lunches for the family
  • Tires move
Customer Quotes:
"Big Car I love the size of this toy"
"My six year can't get enough of these"
"Cute and Sturdy"
"Well worth the price for it"

Calico Critters Deluxe Village House Sale

This Calico Critters: Deluxe Village House is adorable and worth the money that you spend on it.  This cute critter townhouse is perfect and is fully assembled and ready to go for your calico family to move in.  

Calico Critter Townhouse Features:
  • Nine rooms to decorate
  • Spiral staircase
  • Front porch railing
  • Second floor balcony.
  • Bay windows
  • French doors
  • Front door that opens and closes
A huge three-story house with a teal blue roof, a full porch, two bay windows that will swing open and shut, The house measures 18"x18"x16"

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage

Looking for a new house but not ready to spend a huge amount of cash.  Then take a look at this calico critter sale.  This Calico Critters Cozy Cottage is perfect for anyone who collects calico critter families and needs a new place for them to live.

As you can see this house is perfect for a family of critters to live and nice because this dollhouse won't take up your child's whole playroom.

This Calico Critter House Features:

  • Fully assembled and ready to play
  • Two story, two room cottage with 1 rabbit figure and lots of furniture
  • Furniture includes:
  • Kitchen counter with sink, 
  • Stove and cookware
  • Round table and chairs
  • Twin bed Accessories 
  • Pans, Food and More

Customer Quotes"
"My kids won't put it down"
"Safe for even small children to play with"
"I love this set"
"The size is perfect"