Calico Critters Convertible Coupe-Calico Critters Clearance

Calico Critters Family Coupe On Sale !!

This is one of the best sellers on this site, because of the adorable look that it has.  This is perfect for any collection of calico critters houses.  This is the perfect vehicle to park in the driveway.  Some really cool features that are included in this set are:

  • Neat looking Classic Coupe
  • Fits a Family of 6 calico critters
  • Babies are safe and sound in the removable booster seats, for seat belts keep them strapped in
  • Detachable luggage is perfect for packing overnight essentials or picnic lunches for the family
  • Tires move
Customer Quotes:
"Big Car I love the size of this toy"
"My six year can't get enough of these"
"Cute and Sturdy"
"Well worth the price for it"

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