Calico Critter Sale on Calico Critter Gift Set

Here is one of the newest products from Calico critters and it's on sale.  This is a Calico Critter Gift Set.
calico critter house salecalico critter house

  • Includes 2 adorable Calico Critters Rabbits plus features four large rooms with a divider, allowing you to create a fifth room, if needed
  • It also comes with over 50 pieces of furniture, including a kitchen cart, hutch desk, grand piano with bench and more.
  • The movable staircase attaches easily to the second story or the balcony, and an expandable floor offers extra room.
  • When nighttime falls, simply flip on the two light fixtures for tons of after-dark fun!
  • No matter what time of day, you're sure to have a ball playing house with the Calico Critters Gift Set.
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