Calico Critter Family Sales

Check out the Caramel Cat Family from Calico Critters. 
  • Father Carter runs the Cloverleaf Candy Shop with his wife Carla,
  • Sister Camryn's on her school gymnastics team
  • Brother Chris is on his school's track team
Critters are pose able, with jointed arms and legs, and heads that turn
Parents are approximately 3" tall, and brothers and sisters are 2 1/4" tall

Check out the Hopscotch Family from the Calico Critter Neighborhood 
  • Mother Heidi is a gym teacher at the cloverleaf corner high school 
  • Father Harlin is a sports reporter for the local paper
  • Sister Belle
  • Brother Skip
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 Check out the Friesian Cow Family from the Calico Critter Clearance Collection
  • Mother Daisy spends tends to her beautiful garden
  • Father Leo is a carpenter for Cloverleaf Corners
  • Brother Patch plays the drums
  • Sister Betsy
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